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LA Baby Changing Pad

With three styles to choose from, LA Baby changing tables can help transform the changing table and create a space that will be functional, elegant and suitable for the various stages the baby will go through. The four styles allow parents to choose the design that suits their style, their nursery and that works at home.

These are the three styles of LA Baby Changing Pads that you can choose from:

The cocoon pad is a great option for parents looking for a comfortable option for newborns and beyond. With the four sides of the changing table that are curved upwards, the child will remain safe and comfortable in the cocoon, either for a diaper change at noon or to dress after bathing. It is easily cleaned and created with non-toxic fibers, it is an excellent option for parents looking for a healthy and safe option.

Contoured pad offers a flat bottom and contoured sides. The contoured pad is also easily cleaned and the common shape makes it easy to find covers and options that will be used in the nursery. It also offers a belt and safety features throughout the design to ensure a safe change.

The changing table with an organic cotton layer is an excellent option for parents looking for a natural option. The organic cotton layer is a natural option and does not contain chemicals that are potentially harmful when the baby swallows them. Natural organic changing pads are softer, they can adapt healthier to multiple sizes and types of changing tables to create a safe and natural nursery.

Create all available changing tables with the utmost attention to safety, ensuring that the changers include a strap to keep the child in place, as well as tether straps that can attach the changing table to the table to change diapers.

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